Hoheisel earns support of Wichita's Firefighters

Mike Hoheisel, who won the Primary Election in August, has earned the support of Wichita's Firefighters

"These brave men and women are heroes in every sense of the word," said Hoheisel. "In a second's notice they could be responding to their last call. Every morning could be the last time they kiss their spouse or children. At any time they could be dragging my family or your's to safety."

According to the announcement, "Local 135’s top priority is keeping the men and women of the Wichita Fire Department safe and able to provide for their families. For that reason, we have made the decision to renew our involvement in the electoral process. We are supporting candidates for office who have earned our trust that they will make public safety and our Firefighters a top priority in their terms."

You can learn more about Wichita's Firefighters at www.wichitafirefighters.com